EUROSAFE Forum 2012

EUROSAFE Forum 2012 took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels on 5th and 6th November 2012.
The main topic of that forum was "Towards Enhanced Robustness in Nuclear Safety".


Monday, 5 November 2012


Benoît De Boeck, General Manager of Bel V

Outcome of the peer review of the European Stress Test
Philippe Jamet, ENSREG

A utility point of view on the justification for safe long term operation
Geert Backaert, GDF-Suez; Electrabel

TSO view on the safety of long term operation
Rauno Rintamaa, VTT

The MYRRHA Project – Safety methodology and challenges
Bernard Neerdael, SCK•CEN

Poster Session

Nuclear criticality safety of enriched UF6 cylinders
M. Milin, L. Bègue, G. Caplin, S. Evo (IRSN)

Survey of some Safety Issues related to some specific phenomena under Natural Circulation flow conditions
A. Bousbia Salah, J. Vlassenbroeck (Bel V)

Evaluation and Adaptation of the RIA code SCANAIR for modelling BWR Fuel and Conditions
A. Arffman (VTT), A. Moal (IRSN)

Assessing the LOCA transcient: The DRACCAR code and the CYCLADES experimental program
N. Tregoures, P. March, M. Petit (IRSN)

COCOSYS applicability for predicting fire in NPPs
W. Klein-Hessling, M. Pelzer (GRS)

Modeling of surface complexation parameters of Eu-sorption under different geochemical conditions for muscovite and orthoclase
S. Britz (GRS)

RepoTREND - An Advanced Modeling Tool for Performance Assessment of Radioactive Waste Repositories
T. Reiche (GRS)

Optimized determination of the radiological inventory during different phases of decommissioning
O. Karschnick (Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Areas), D. Beltz, M. Hillberg (TÜV NORD)

The EU Clearinghouse on Operational Experience
B. Zerger (European Commission)

The ETSON Junior Staff Programme: Current Status and Activity Overview
J. Depuydt (Bel V)

ETSON an expanding network

ETSON Enlargement

ENSTTI Training and Tutoring for Professionals (5 MB)
M.-L. de Heaulme (IRSN)

RISKAUDIT  - 20 years of European Partnership for Nuclear Safety
J. Bardelay, S. Kus (Riskaudit)
Poster 1 (19 MB), Poster 2 (3 MB)

Master in Nuclear Security
E. Harting (TU Delft)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Nuclear Installation Safety

Assessing flooding hazards: new guidelines
V. Rebour, F. Ménage, (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

Concepts for the architecture of digital I&C systems in NPPs and approaches for their assessment
D. Sommer (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Design review of Belgian hot cells - identification of design weaknesses
N. Noterman, F. Schmitz, C. Mommaert, E. Minne, C. Peters, C. Kennes, H. Drymael, C. Cortenbosch, O. Smidts, M. Van haesendonck (Bel V)
Abstract / Presentation

Inadvertent boron dilution events during shutdown states in French PWRs: detection means efficiency and necessary improvements
D. Plassart (IRSN)

Evaluation of operating experience with regard to passive mechanical components – approach and new insights
F. Michel (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

NUGENIA R&D on safety issues - perspectives in the domains of ageing and of severe accident
E. Keim, AREVA, J.-P. van Dorsselaere (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

Bel V R&D activities in the frame of improved understanding of fire behaviour in nuclear facilities
F. Bonte, N. Noterman (Bel V)

Integrating organisational and human factors in safety regulation – results from an international comparison
F. Jeffroy (IRSN), G. Rolina (ESMP)
Abstract / Presentation

Failure assessment methodologies for components under severe accident loading
J. Sievers, J. Arndt, H. Grebner (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

New studies on passive and active systems towards enhanced severe accident source term mitigation – The PASSAM project
T. Albiol (IRSN), L. Herranz (CIEMAT), E. Riera (CSIC), S. Guieu (EDF), T. Lind (PSI), G. Manzini (RSE), A. Auvinen (VTT), N. Losch (AREVA)
Abstract / Presentation

Radiation Protection, Environment and Emergency Preparedness

Recent evolution in the regulatory framework of the Belgian class II nuclear installations such as irradiators and accelerators
E. Minne, C. Peters, C. Mommaert, C. Kennes, G. Degreef, G. Cortenbosch, F. Schmitz, M. Van haesendonck, H. Drymael (Bel V), P. Carlier (FANC)
Abstract / Presentation

Regulatory control on radiation protection – instruments for information and experience exchange in a federal system
C. Schmidt, J. Kaulard, B. Brendebach (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Geothermal energy production – a subject for radiation protection
S. Feige, R. Roloff (GRS)

Guidelines for the assessment of the radiological impacts sites with multiple existing and/or new storage/disposal facilities and criteria for decision-making
O. Mykolaichuk (SNRIU), Z. Alekseeva, S. Kondratyev, O. Tokarevskyi (SSTC-NRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Practical use of the mobile radiological laboratory to support the nuclear regulatory authority of Ukraine
V. Bogorad, T. Lytvynska, O. Slepchenko, Y. Belov, S. Lievliev (SSTC-NRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Massive radiological releases profoundly differ from controlled releases
P. Momal, L. Pascucci-Cahen (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

Development of standardised information forms to improve the information fluxes between licensees and offsite authorities & bodies in emergency situations
D. Degueldre (Bel V), C. Vandecasteele (FANC)
Abstract / Presentation

OPAL: implementation of an awareness tool to postaccidental issues for local stakeholders
C. Gauvin, D. Bergot (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

Translation of the emergency planning zone to an intervention zone: a multidisciplinary approach improving common understanding and implementation of protective actions
C. Vandecasteele (FANC), H. Neef (ADCC/DGCC), D. Degueldre (Bel V)
Abstract / Presentation

Waste and Decommissioning & Dismantling

Non-diagonal transport phenomena in deep disposal facilities: Contribution of osmotic processes to he interpretation of the far-field water pressure in the Tournemire argillite
J.-M. Matray (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

Impact of bentonite colloids on radionuclide transport in fractured systems – results from field experiments and modelling
U. Noseck (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Self-sealing of fractures in clay host rocks for disposal of radioactive waste
C.-L. Zhang (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Status of decommissioning and dismantling of the Belgian MOX-facility Belgonucléaire
C. Kennes, C. Mommaert, M. Van haesendonck (Bel V)
Abstract / Presentation
Safety assessment for decommissioning – an international approach
P. Francois (IRSN), J. Kaulard (GRS), V. Ljubenov (IAEA)
Abstract / Presentation

Security of Nuclear Installations and Materials

Results of the European Stress Test Security Track
L. Demolins (SDSIE), W. Voss (BMU)

The International Physical Protection Advisory Service
K. Mrabit (IAEA)

Ukrainian efforts in implementation of fundamental principles of physical protection
I. Kuzmyak, V. Kravtsov (SSTC-NRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Implementing international security guidelines into the Belgian regulatory framework - practical issues
G. Vanderschelde, D. Marloye (Bel V), R. Dresselaers (FANC)
Abstract / Presentation

IRSN's missions in international safeguards
N. Chaptal-Gradoz (IRSN)