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15 May 2023 | ENEA | RAFAEL Logo RAFAEL project: radioactive and chemical sensors development

The aim of the project is to develop risk analysis and forecasting system aimed at protecting ICs and national strategic assets, especially as regards the prediction of seismic phenomena. It is believed that analysis of high-resolution time series of Radon concentrations in groundwater, air and soil may be a suitable method for identifying seismic precursors. The aim of the work is to devolp new sensor technologies to create a system for forecasting, simulating and mitigating risk related to the monitoring of air, water and soil matrix.

15 May 2023 | Vuje | MELCOR VUJE Newspicture Integration of MELCOR at the Bohunice FSS

The simulation model of the Bohunice full-scope simulator was modified to include the MELCOR severe accident code.

15 May 2023 | ENEA | ENEA Benchmark newspicture International Benchmarks on LFR

In the context of international organizations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), three international benchmarks focused on the neutronics and thermal-hydraulics of lead-cooled fast reactors (LFR) have been recently launched under the coordination of ENEA.

15 May 2023 | ENEA Renewed interest of industry and private sector for nuclear in Italy

These last months have witnessed a renewed interest in Italy of industry, and the private sector in general, for nuclear. The reasons behind this are mainly the need to investigate options to help (1) reducing carbon dioxide emissions to cope with climate change issues, (2) decreasing electricity prices, and (3) increasing the security of energy supply by lowering the current reliance on foreign natural gas imports. 

15 May 2023 | Bel V | Presence newspicture Presence of foreign material in the primary circuit of BR2

During shutdown inspection, the Licensee noticed that several welds at the valve were broken, causing one of the parts to end up in the primary circuit. 

15 May 2023 | LEI | DEBORA newspicture LEI involvement in DEBORA benchmark

The DEBORA benchmark is an international programme that aims to find a more unified methodology for testing and validating Computational Multiphase Fluid Dynamics (CMFD) models.

15 May 2023 | PSI | Environment newspicture A unique environment for research on highly radioactive materials

PSI has a unique (worldwide) environment for the investigation of highly radioactive / toxic materials:

  • Materials (different fuel types, very high burn-up, different cladding materials, materials activated in SINQ)
  • the hot lab with advanced tools for microsample analysis and preparation
  • the large-scale equipment for advanced material analysis
15 May 2023 | Bel V | License newspicture License granted for a near surface disposal facility in Belgium

NIRAS/ONDRAF, the Belgian National Agency for Radioactive Waste and Fissile Materials, was granted a license for the construction and exploitation of a Near-Surface Disposal facility for disposal of low and intermediate level short lived radioactive waste. 

15 May 2023 | LEI | EURAD newspicture LEI participation in EURAD ACED activities

EURAD activities cover high priority common interests of different actors involved in safe radioactive waste management. One of the EURAD work packages, WP2 ACED, is devoted to Assessment of Chemical Evolution of ILW and HLW Disposal Cells.

15 May 2023 | PSI | Electricity newspicture Evaluation of European electricity supply resilience

The increasing risk of extended electricity supply disruptions and severe electricity price fluctuations  strongly motivate an evaluation of electricity supply resilience. In this direction, this research proposes a multicriteria decision support framework to assess resilience at a country level, based on three major dimensions: Resist, Restabilize and Recover. In total, 35 European countries are ranked according to their performance on 17 indicators, through a synergy of MCDA methods, techniques and communication protocols. The assessment framework has been extended to incorporate the Choquet Integral method, in order to accommodate potentially interacting pairs of criteria and negate their arbitrary effects on the final evaluation results. The analysis incorporates country data from credible international databases, as well as the preference information of a European energy expert. The results are envisaged to support energy policymakers in Europe and provide guidelines and areas for improvement at a country level.

15 May 2023 | GRS | Shutdown newspicture The shutdown of the last NPPs in Germany: a brief review from a (safety) technical perspective

On 15 April 2023, the last nuclear power plants in Germany will be shut down. This will mark the end of the history of electricity production from nuclear power after more than 60 years: in June 1961, the Kahl experimental nuclear power plant fed electricity generated by nuclear energy into the West German grid for the first time; five years later, the Rheinsberg nuclear power plant was the first commercially used nuclear power plant in the GDR. The six decades of nuclear power use were initially marked by euphoria, then increasingly by scepticism and rejection. This article, however, focuses less on social or political aspects than on (safety) technical aspects.

15 May 2023 | PSI | Approximate newspicture Approximate Computing for Nuclear Reactor Simulations

During the last decades, computing power has been subject to tremendous progress due to the shrinking of transistor size as predicted by Moore’s law. However, as we approach the physical limits of this scaling, alternative techniques have to be deployed to increase computing performance. In this regard, the next big advance is envisioned to be the usage of approximate computing hardware based on field-programmable gate arrays and/or digital-analogue in-memory circuits. Such approximate computing can provide disproportional gain (x1000) in energy efficiency and/or execution time for acceptable loss of simulation accuracy.

31 Mar 2023 | ETSON | Harmonise project logo Efforts towards stakeholder interactions

HARMONISE project partners will have clustering activities with high-level Key Stakeholders, with the aim of mutual benefits.

31 Mar 2023 | VTT | Safer2028 logo SAFER2028 – New Finnish Nuclear Safety Research Programme has started

The objectives of the research programme are to ensure that the authorities have sufficient expertise available in different situations, to develop nuclear safety competences and to perform high-quality scientific research.

31 Mar 2023 | SSTC NRS | Survey newspicture SURVEY – Radiation Reconnaissance of De-occupied Territories in Kyiv Region

The full-scale invasion of the russian federation troops into the territory of Ukraine caused many political, economic, social troubles and problems. In addition to the destroyed infrastructure and huge mined areas, Ukraine also faced a radiation threat. In addition to the more than 1 year ZNPP occupation, the territory of the exclusion zone and the zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement was captured for a month, looted and mutilated.

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