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31 Aug 2023 | NRA | NRA Newspicture 1 Preliminary Analysis Focusing on In-Vessel Thermal Hydraulics in Loss-of-Heat Removal Systems in a Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor

Severe accident code, AZORES, is coupled with plant dynamics code for SFRs, ADYTUM. Accident progression between coupled and single AZORES simulations differs significantly.

31 Aug 2023 | LEI | LEI Newspicture 1 International conference "New Trends of Nuclear Reactors: Small Modular Reactors. Experience of Leading Countries and Developers”

Lithuanian Nuclear Energy Association in co-operation with the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and Lithuanian Energy Institute organized the international conference "New Trends of Nuclear Reactors: Small Modular Reactors. Experience of Leading Countries and Developers” with participation of representatives from 5 ETSON organisations (LEI, JSI, VTT, ENEA, EK-CER).

31 Aug 2023 | RATEN ICN | Raten Newspicture Training Young Professionals on Nuclear Energy Sustainability

Joint ICTP-IAEA INPRO School aims to provide knowledge and basic practical experience by training on INPRO concept of nuclear energy sustainability, INPRO tools and methods on assessment and analysis of nuclear energy systems. Last Joint ICTP-IAEA INPRO School was held in 12-16 June 2023, at the ICTP’s headquarters, Trieste (Italy).

31 Aug 2023 | NRA | NRA Newspicture 2 Development of a system analysis code AMAGI

A system analysis code AMAGI (Advanced Multi-fluid Analysis code for Generation of thermal-hydraulic Information) has been developed as a best estimate code from its basic design. In the calculations using AMAGI on the void fraction experiments, technical knowledge was obtained on the differences between the AMAGI and TRACE models for each phenomenon and their impacts on the results.

31 Aug 2023 | LEI | LEI Newspicture 2 LEI involvement in the EURAD work package on Spent Fuel Characterisation

The Lithuanian Energy Institute contributes to the numerical analysis of activation and fission products in irradiated cladding material of the PWR spent fuel assembly.

31 Aug 2023 | NRA | NRA Newspicture 3 Pore size effects on adsorption of metal ions

NRA has conducted a joint research program with the University of Tokyo to clarify how the pore sizes affect the adsorption reactions of different ions.

05 Jul 2023 | JSI | New exhibition newspicture New exhibition on nuclear technology at the Nuclear training centre ICJT

In 2022/23 an extensive refurbishment of the permanent exhibition on nuclear technology at the Nuclear training centre ICJT, JSI, took place: a new graphical design, a significantly larger number of interactive exhibits, a new lecture room for demonstration of radioactivity experiments.

05 Jul 2023 | JSI | Harmonise newspicture Workshop on the Safety of Small Modular, Advanced and Fusion Reactors, June 20-21, Celje, Slovenia

The activities of the HARMONISE project (Towards harmonisation in licensing of future nuclear power technologies in Europe) aim to pave the way towards harmonisation of approaches to effective licensing of innovative fissions and fusion power plants. 

05 Jul 2023 | SSTC NRS | Europe Preparing to Abandon Russian Nuclear Fuel newspicture Europe Preparing to Abandon Russian Nuclear Fuel

Europe abandons russian nuclear fuel and chooses an alternative such as Westinghouse fuel. This is testified by numerous statements of key persons from European countries and the recently launched APIS Project: Accelerated Programme for Implementation of Secure VVER Fuel Supply.

03 Jul 2023 | ETSON ETSON Conference 2023

The second edition of the ETSON Conference entitled “TSO challenges in a rapidly evolving environment” will take place in Brussels on 11 & 12 October 2023.

15 May 2023 | ENEA | RAFAEL Logo RAFAEL project: radioactive and chemical sensors development

The aim of the project is to develop risk analysis and forecasting system aimed at protecting ICs and national strategic assets, especially as regards the prediction of seismic phenomena. It is believed that analysis of high-resolution time series of Radon concentrations in groundwater, air and soil may be a suitable method for identifying seismic precursors. The aim of the work is to devolp new sensor technologies to create a system for forecasting, simulating and mitigating risk related to the monitoring of air, water and soil matrix.

15 May 2023 | Vuje | MELCOR VUJE Newspicture Integration of MELCOR at the Bohunice FSS

The simulation model of the Bohunice full-scope simulator was modified to include the MELCOR severe accident code.

15 May 2023 | ENEA | ENEA Benchmark newspicture International Benchmarks on LFR

In the context of international organizations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), three international benchmarks focused on the neutronics and thermal-hydraulics of lead-cooled fast reactors (LFR) have been recently launched under the coordination of ENEA.

15 May 2023 | ENEA Renewed interest of industry and private sector for nuclear in Italy

These last months have witnessed a renewed interest in Italy of industry, and the private sector in general, for nuclear. The reasons behind this are mainly the need to investigate options to help (1) reducing carbon dioxide emissions to cope with climate change issues, (2) decreasing electricity prices, and (3) increasing the security of energy supply by lowering the current reliance on foreign natural gas imports. 

15 May 2023 | Bel V | Presence newspicture Presence of foreign material in the primary circuit of BR2

During shutdown inspection, the Licensee noticed that several welds at the valve were broken, causing one of the parts to end up in the primary circuit. 

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