With a view to inform about its activities and those of its members and to engage with stakeholders both outside and inside the network, ETSON organises or supports different conference formats in a regular four-year-cycle, i.e. 

2023 ETSON Conference, 

2024 IAEA TSO Conference, 

2025 ETSON Conference


The JSP Summer Workshop takes place annually.

Information, proceedings, abstracts and presentations from the Conferences are available under Publications.


EUROSAFE is ETSON´s international conference on nuclear safety and security, radioactive waste management and radiological protection. Since 1999, this event brings together representatives of technical safety organisations, research institutes, public authorities, power utilities, the nuclear industry, and non-governmental organisations from all over Europe and beyond to inform about and discuss current developments in research and technology. Originally founded by the former EUROSAFE Initiative, the EUROSAFE conferences are hosted every four years alternately by Bel V, GRS and IRSN on behalf of ETSON.

The EUROSAFE conference offers a broad variety of relevant content in various formats. The conference´s plenary part is devoted to lectures by high-profile representatives of different stakeholders in nuclear safety. It is also the setting of the science slam in which young experts from ETSON member organisations compete for the ETSON Award which is organised by ETSON´s Junior Staff Programme. The latest technical-scientific activities and findings of ETSON members are presented and discussed in several seminars. The TSO Café provides for an excellent opportunity to meet experts from ETSON member organisations and other stakeholders.

The next EUROSAFE will take place in 2026 in France.

IAEA TSO Conference

Within the framework of the Technical and Scientific Support Organization Forum (TSOF), the International Atom Energy Agency (IAEA) organises the International Conference on Challenges Faced by Technical and Scientific Support Organizations (TSO) in Enhancing Nuclear Safety and Security. As part of its collaboration with the IAEA, ETSON supports this conference series by co-organising this event  - e.g. by hosting the conference (such as ETSON member Bel V in the 2018 IAEA TSO Conference in Brussels, Belgium) and contributing with the ETSON Award and TSO Café, the marketplace for networking-  thereby supporting the TSOF´s general goal to promote and intensify collaboration among TSOs and other organizations interested in technical and scientific issues related to nuclear safety and security. 

The next IAEA TSO Conference will take place in December 2024 in Vienna, Austria.

ETSON Conference

Mainly conceived as an internal event, the biannual ETSON Conference serves as a format for ETSON members to exchange on ongoing ETSON activities and the work of its expert groups as well as on relevant issues and developments taking place in their respective countries. Furthermore, representatives of relevant organisations such as the IAEA or the European Commission are being invited on a regular basis to take part in this exchange and to discuss matters of mutual interest. Also, specific findings of the conference are being made available to the interested public as part of ETSON´s Publications.

The ETSON Conference 2023 was hosted by BelV on 11 and 12 October 2023, in Brussels, Belgium.