The ETSON Award - A call to junior experts for collaborative papers

The ETSON network has decided to annually reward papers written by a team of young scientists from different Technical Safety Organisations (TSOs) and the EUROSAFE members by offering ETSON Awards, to be officially presented and attributed at the next EUROSAFE Forum.

The ETSON Award 2022

Are you a junior researcher or engineer in the field of nuclear safety or radiation protection? Apply for ETSON AWARDS!

The topic should focus on activities of the ETSON members, such as safety assessment and research, radiation protection or radioactive waste management and should help improve the understanding and development of these topics

The ETSON award amounts to €5,000 in total, to be shared amongst the winner(s) or the winning group(s). The best contribution of study or research, which advances safety and radiation protection, will be honored with €3,000 and the second-best with €2,000.

The prizes will be awarded on 11th October 2022 at GRS Garching, Germany. The five finalists for the ETSON Award will be selected by the ETSON Award Committee, consisting of senior scientists from the EUROSAFE members.  The five best teams will each present their work in short presentations with not more than 4 slides of scientific content and a duration of maximum 7 minutes. These will then be classified by a jury and by an audience of all interested TSO members in Visio-conference.

Application, rules and deadline

Submit your application following the rules.

•    1st step: send your abstract by 15 July 2022.
•    2nd step: after approval, send the paper by 31 August 2022.

•    Authors impact Justification 
•    Authors Declaration 


The ETSON Award 2021

ETSON Award Winners 2021
Winners of the ETSON Award 2021: 1st Prize Pietro Maccari (left) and 2nd prize Oskari Pakari (right) © IRSN

2021, five finalist teams were selected. A Science slam was organized At the EUROSAFE Forum in Paris-Montrouge by the "Junior Staff Program" on November 22nd.

The first prize is obtained by Pietro Maccari from UNIBO (Italy) with his team cooperating with Julie-Anne Zambaux from IRSN (France) and Andrea Bersano from ENEA (Italy) for their work “BEPU analysis of a 2-in DVI break in a generic IRIS SMR by ASTEC – RAVEN coupling”.

The second prize is obtained by Oskari Pakari and Lily Bossin from PSI for the work “The common surgical face mask as emergency dosimeter”.

Mr. Michel Van haesedonck (BelV) congratulated the winners and the other teams for the high scientific level and quality of their work.

ETSON’s Junior Staff Program aims to enable young engineers and researchers from TSOs to get to know each other better, to improve their technical knowledge through international collaboration, and to develop their own European network of safety experts, in order to strengthen the cooperation among TSOs.

The ETSON Award 2020 (online)

ETSON Award 2020 Online © ETSON
ETSON Award 2020 Online (© ETSON)

2020, four finalist teams (with researchers from LEI, BelV, PSI and IRSN) were selected. A live scientific video slam was organized by the "Junior Staff Program" on November 3. Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, 80 participants in this event were able to vote for the best presentation.

Participants and winning papers

  • Samuel PEILLON (IRSN): From plasma facing components to airborne radioactive dust: A study on the behavior of tritiated dust in fusion reactors. (1st Place)
    Paper | Abstract
  • Audrius GRAŽEVIČIUS (LEI): Comparative study of CFD and 3D thermal-hydraulic system codes in predicting natural circulation phenomena in a small-scale pool test facility. (2nd Place) 
    Paper | Abstract
  • Salvatore MIROTTA (IRSN): Utilization of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for Hodoscope measurement interpretations
  • Petra MALA (PSI): Verification of the nodal code SIMULATE5 for EPR core modelling