16 Sep 2020

Development of the Software for Evaluation of Emergency Response Exercises at the Rostechnadzor Information and Analytical Centre

The Exercise Evaluation software was developed by the SEC NRS to render the scientific and technical support to the Information and Analytical Centre of Rostechnadzor (Rostechnadzor IAC) – the Russian state safety regulation authority in the field of atomic energy.

Guidelines for evaluating effectiveness of emergency drills and exercises (IAEA EPR-2005)
Guidelines for evaluating effectiveness of emergency drills and exercises (IAEA EPR-2005) © IAEA © SEC NRS

The software is meant to be used by the Rostechnadzor and SEC NRS staff – members of the Rostechnadzor IAC working groups – to evaluate the preparedness and actions of the NPP operators in emergency drills and exercises. The software implements the recommendations of the ‘Guidelines for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Emergency Response Drills and Exercises Conducted by Nuclear Power Plant Operator’, approved by the Rostechnadzor Order No. 525 of November 7, 2013 (‘the Guidelines’). The criterion component of these Guidelines rests upon the requirements of relevant federal nuclear safety rules and regulations (‘Regulation on the Procedure for Declaring an Emergency, Prompt Reporting and Arrangement of Emergency Assistance to Nuclear Power Plants in Case of Hazardous Radiological Situations’ (NP-005-16), etc.). The final judgement philosophy implemented in the software is based on the recommendations given in the IAEA document Exercise 2005 "Preparation, Conduct and Evaluation of Exercises to Test Preparedness for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency" (EPR-2005), and enables a quantified assessment of exercise / drill effectiveness.

The Exercise Evaluation software provides for emergency exercise / drill evaluation in 15 key emergency preparedness areas, including the completeness and correctness of operational information, the correctness of radiological consequences assessment for the accident, the size of protective measures, level according to the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES), timely notification of emergency response participants, and actions to evacuate personnel not involved in the accident management activities.

The introduction of the Exercise Evaluation software has brought a number of significant benefits for the Rostechnadzor IAC:
minimized risk of incorrect INES classification of human performance events;
easier application of the Guidelines;
lower labour and time input to make the evaluation;
automatic generation of a report containing the final judgement on exercise / drill effectiveness.

The software also features flexible display, storage and structuring of information on the results of emergency drills and exercises conducted by the NPP operators. Furthermore, the data base on exercise / drill results integrated into the software, allows comparing the nuclear plants in terms of diligent fulfilment of the requirements of federal nuclear safety rules and regulations while contributing to regulatory decision-making by Rostechnadzor.


Denis Mistryugov