30 Nov 2023

The ETSON Award 2023

In 2023, four teams participated in the final phase. A Science slam was organized At BEL V in Brussels by the "Junior Staff Program" on October, 11th. 

Nominees and winners ETSON Award 2023 (© ETSON)

Nominees and winners ETSON Award 2023 - from the left: Bálint Batki, Michel Saliba, David Bouhjiti and Jonathan Zert (© ETSON)
  • The first prize is obtained by Jonathan Zert from GRS Germany) with his team cooperating for their work „Joint Modelling of VVER-1000/320 Containment Specifics for Simulating Pressure Build-Up: A COCOSYS Study“. 
  • The second prize is obtained by David Bouhjiti from IRSN (France) for the work “Digital twining to assess the performance of aging nuclear concrete containment buildings”.
  • Bálint Batki from ER-CER (Hungary): “Characterization of spent fuel directly from measured gamma spectra using deep learning”
  • Michel Saliba from PSI (Switzerland): “Measuring neutron noise in a research reactor using a 3D core mapping system” 

The papers and the science Slam were assessed from 5 member of a Jury panel: Peter Liska from VUJE, Guido Mazzini from SURO, Anna Korpinen from VTT, Mitja Uršič from IJS and Experts from BELV.

General Information concerning the selection of the two winners

The final score for 2023 was based on three scores:

a)    20% Score for Cooperation (score awarded by the JSP committee),

b)    60% Score for paper (assessed by the ETSON Award committee, i.e. the jury), and

c)    20% Score for presentation (vote of the audience, the participation will be in hybrid form).


Abdelaziz Lazaar