24 Oct 2023

Mochovce NPP Unit 3 Commissioning

Scientific Leaders of Commissioning (© VUJE)
Scientific Leaders of Commissioning (© VUJE)

The tests at all power level were carried out successfully and the complete functionality of the 3rd unit and the achievement of the project parameters was confirmed by a 144-hour trial run at full power, which will finalize the energy start-up stage. This milestone was reached at the beginning of October 2023. The commissioning tests are carried out by VUJE employees.

During the start-up of Unit 3 of the Mochovce NPP, the good practice from the start-up of units with VVER 440 and VVER 1000 reactors in the former Czechoslovakia and Slovakia continues as the supervision of compliance with the principles of nuclear safety is carried out. The so-called scientific and technical level of the start-up documentation during the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the start-up is also performed by a group of experts independent from the NPP operator and the start-up test implementers.

The scientific and technical support during the commissioning is also provided by VUJE experts. They provide an independent supervision over nuclear safety during the commissioning and an independent evaluation of each test. The group of the scientific and technical support evaluated and recommended for approval all of the physics and energy test programmes and provided their feedback on the problems that emerged during the preparation of the commissioning.

Power Commissioning Tests (© VUJE)
Power Commissioning Tests (© VUJE)

Approximately 70% of all electricity produced in Slovakia comes from Slovenské elektrárne, a. s. Mainly due to the nuclear power plants, the largest Slovak producer delivers up to 95% of electricity free of carbon dioxide emissions. Once commissioned, the new nuclear unit in Mochovce will have an installed capacity of 471 megawatts.


Branislav Hatala
VUJE, a. s.