30 Aug 2021

CHIMIA: Radiochemistry in Switzerland

Cover page of the volume © The Swiss Chemical Society (SCS)
Cover page of the volume

© The Swiss Chemical Society (SCS)

The phenomena of radioactivity, a central issue of radiochemistry, does not have an impressive reputation in the public eye and that is why its perceptions are hardly recognized, probably with the exception of the synthesis of new members of the periodic table, the super heavy elements. Research and applications with radioisotopes reaches out to essentially all fields of science, including chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, environmental and material sciences and many others.

Besides the research aspects described in this volume, advanced and profound expert education in radiochemistry is crucial for Switzerland and for persistently keeping the field alive. This issue therefore serves also to reveal the attractiveness of radiochemistry to young researchers and make them aware of the numerous possibilities radiochemistry still has to offer as an interdisciplinary field. 

Original Publications
Radiochemistry in Switzerland Vol. 74, 12/2020


Dr. Robert Eichler
Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI)