16 Dec 2020


Situation point during RANET exercise (© IRSN)
Situation point during RANET exercise (© IRSN)

IRSN takes part in an international crisis exercise jointly organized by France and the IAEA.

In August 2020, IRSN took part in an international crisis exercise as part of the IAEA’s emergency crisis response and assistance network, known as RANET. The exercise provided many lessons regarding common vision and methods, as well as resources.

Regularly held in order to test procedures agreed between the IAEA and Member States offering or receiving international assistance in the event of a nuclear or radiological emergency, this time the exercise was designed and run by IRSN. The scenario involved a fire in a nuclear reactor, followed by a loss of coolant accident which, after loss of all means of cooling, led to core melt. The participation of the seven countries (1) involved in this exercise was coordinated by the IAEA.

In addition to the usual expert assessment missions during emergency situations, the first day involved implementation of alert and information-sharing procedures with the IAEA, as well as use of the 3D3P (2) expert assessment method, now common to a number of crisis centers (USA and IAEA). The corresponding tasks were performed in concert with the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) and the departments of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

This RANET exercise provided international crisis centers using this expert assessment method an opportunity to exchange views on analysis of the situation and how it could evolve. Moreover, the request for assistance in strengthening environmental measurement capacities was also simulated with international measuring teams. They contributed to the operational system defined as part of the post-accident measurement strategy which would be implemented in France in such a situation.


(1) Belarus, Bulgaria, France, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa and the United States.
(2) Triple Diagnostic / Triple Prognostic.


Olivier Isnard