17 May 2021

European Nuclear Experimental Educational Platform - ENEEP


The ENEEP is an open platform for any European university or European research institute actively involved in education, training, and competence building in the nuclear field. The ENEEP founding members are five institutes: BME Budapest, CTU Prague, IJS Ljubljana, STU Bratislava, TU Wien. All partners are heavily involved in experimental nuclear education, training, and competence building. Four partners, namely CTU, TU, JSI, and BME also have a nuclear training reactor.

ENEEP offers a unique opportunity of performing various types of laboratory measurements in a nuclear environment. A pilot course studying in fields related to nuclear sciences will be realized in Autumn 2021.

ENEEP will offer package and custom courses, furthermore individual activities to students at the Bachelor and Master education levels, Doctoral students, and professionals to gain or improve their knowledge in the experimental nuclear field. Besides applicants with a background in nuclear science and technology, the platform is also open to applicants who wish to develop multidisciplinary research connecting nuclear science and neutron applications with e.g. natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

Information about the selection procedure for the different categories (package course, custom course, individual activities) can be found on the web page: www.eneep.org.


Anže Jazbec
Jožef Stefan Institute