ETSON aims to develop and promote best practices in nuclear safety assessment

ETSON benefits from the experience of its members in matters of nuclear safety assessment in order to contribute to the harmonisation of nuclear safety practices. ETSON also intend to foster the dialogue between the European TSO Network and the European Nuclear Safety Authorities, as well as other European Union Institutions, the IAEA and other international organisations.
Nuclear safety assessment requires a high level of proficiency in operating experience feedback as well as up-to-date methodologies. The need for increased co-operation and reinforced sharing of experience in the field of nuclear safety expertise emboldened the competent organisations with nuclear safety expertise to develop appropriate approaches to safety issues as part of their assessments and research activities.
The members of ETSON assign the following objectives to the Association:

  • Form a suitable forum for voluntary exchanges on analyses and R&D in the field of nuclear safety by sharing experiences and exchanging technical and scientific opinions,
  • Contribute to fostering the convergence of technical nuclear safety practices within the European Union and beyond,
  • Further the planning of nuclear safety research programmes and facilitate their implementation,
  • Facilitate the application of the European directive on the nuclear safety,
  • Work together in safety assessment and research projects.