The Junior Staff Programme (JSP) brings together young experts from ETSON members

JSPThe ETSON Junior Staff Programme (EJSP) brings together young experts from all ETSON members and associates. The EJSP aims at improving the long-term partnership of the member TSOs, establish a network for cooperation between young expert from different countries, and to encourage intercultural interaction. The main yearly events within this framework are the “ETSON Junior Staff Summer Workshops” successfully hosted by one of the ETSON members.

Members of the ETSON JSP will be present at IAEA TSO Conference in Brussels with a short presentation on his work and will also be present at the TSO Café and at the poster Exhibition. During the TSO conference, ETSON will present the annual ETSON awards to two teams of young researchers from TSO members for their achievements in the improvement of nuclear safety.



The ETSON JSP workshop 2018 was dedicated to Radioactive waste management, environmental protection and decommissioning. The JSP Workshop 2018 was held from 3rd – 7th September at the Institute for Nuclear Research (RATEN ICN) premises in Mioveni, Romania. 38 attendees from 11 countries actively participated in lectures and working groups prepared and instructed by the participants themselves.


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JSP SUMMER WORKSHOP 2018 (03.-07.09.2018)

Subject: Radioactive waste management, environmental protection and decommissioning
Attendees: 38 from 11 countries
Location: Institute for Nuclear Research (RATEN ICN) in Mioveni, Romania 

JSP SUMMER WORKSHOP 2017 (10.-14.07.2017)

Subject: Uncertainty and sensitivity in nuclear analisis
Attendees: 28 from 9 countries
Location: Jozef Stefan Institute in Brinje near Ljubljana, Slovenia

JSP SUMMER WORKSHOP 2016 (04.-09.09.2016)

Subject: Structural Integrity aspects in nuclear safety
Attendees: 26 from 9 countries
Location: AMEC offices in Warrington, UK

JSP SUMMER WORKSHOP 2015 (23.-28.08.2015)

Subject: Material properties aspects in nuclear safety
Attendees: 22 from 11 countries
Location: Villigen, Switzerland, hosted by Paul Scherrer Institute

JSP SUMMER WORKSHOP 2014 (25. - 29.08.2014)

Subject: Fuel Management
Attendees: 26 from 11 countries
Location: Espoo in Finland, hosted by VTT

JSP SUMMER WORKSHOP 2013 (25. - 30.08.2013)

Subject: Accident Management
Attendees: 42 from 9 countries
Location: Kaunas in Lithuania, hosted by LEI