The ETSON Award - A call to junior experts for collaborative papers

The ETSON association has decided to annually reward papers written by groups of young scientists from different Technical Safety Organisations (TSOs) and the EUROSAFE members by offering ETSON Awards, to be officially presented and attributed at the EUROSAFE Forum.


The ETSON Award


The ETSON award amounts to 5,000 € in total, to be shared among the winner(s) or the winning group(s). The best contribution will be honored with 3,000 € and the second-best with 2,000 €.


The five finalists for the ETSON Award will be selected by the ETSON Award Committee, consisting of senior scientists from the EUROSAFE members. The chosen finalist will have to present their papers in a Science Slam at the IAEA TSO Forum Conference in Brussels in 2018 in short (max. 7 minutes) presentations with not more than 4 slides. The audience will then make their choice and together with the evaluation from the Committee, the winner will be chosen.


For further information about the criteria and rules of the ETSON Award, please check the box to the right.




The past ETSON Awards


S. BEBJAK, B. Kvizda (VUJE), G. Mayer (MTA-EK), P. Vacha (UJV): Decay Heat Removal studies in Gas Cooled Fast Reactor during accidental condition - demonstrator ALLEGRO

P. CONSOLE CAMPRINI (ENEA), M. Brovchenko (IRSN): Advanced Techniques for Monte Carlo simulations of ex-core responses supporting safety analysis: damage to Pressure Vessel

O. KUKHOTSKYI (SSTC NRS), T. Iešmantas (LEI): Methodology for PSA Uncertainty Estimation and Application in Risk-Informed Decision-Making (Winner!)

L. LOVASZ, S. Weber (GRS): Simulation of asymmetric phenomena during core degradation with the code system AC2

Y. PÉRIN (GRS): Development of a multi-physics, multi-scale coupled simulation system for LWR safety analysis

Presentation of Participants and Winners (Note: this is not the winning presentation, but a presentations that shows the finalists and the result)

Picture of the Finalists



Presentation of Participants and Winners (Note: this is not the winning presentation, but a presentations that shows the finalists and the result)



Abstract_Aleksei Samokhin_Application of the 3D Coupled Code ATHLET_Paper_ETSON Award_SEC NRC GRS.pdf

Abstract_K. Heckmann_Comparative Analysis of Deterministic_Paper_ETSON Award_VTT GRS.pdf (Winner!)

Abstract_Peter Pandazis A_Numerical investigation of surface vortex formation_Paper_ETSON Award_Uni Budapest GRS.pdf

Abstract_S. C. Ceuca_Experimental and Numerical Investigations_Paper_ETSON Award_LEI GRS.pdf

Abstract_T. Kaliatka_Analysis of BD Basis Accident _Paper_ETSON Award_SSTC NRS.pdf

Abstract_Vladimir Ivanov_Assessing Reactor Physics Codes Capabilities_Paper_ETSON Award_SEC NRS GRS.pdf


Winner of the ETSON Award 2013

C. HECKÖTTER (GRS), A. Vespä (VTT): Experimental Investigation and Numerical Analyses of Reinforced Concrete Structures Subjected to External Missile Impact