President of ETSON

Picture Benoît De Boeck

Welcome by the President and News

As the newly elected/appointed President of ETSON, I consider myself to be the custodian of both a valuable legacy and of a common ambition. The legacy is the work performed by fellow technical safety organisations under the pathfinding guidance and leadership of Jacques Repussard, whose resolute involvement was key in setting up the European TSO Network and opening avenues for a convergent vision of the TSO function and of the associated requirements, most notably the availability of state-of-the-art scientific and technical capability as a support for dependable nuclear safety assessment work. History was to prove him right.

Now the common ambition is to keep momentum in strengthening the scientific and technical basis of our work, thereby meeting the goals set by the 2014 European directives on nuclear safety & security and on radiation protection as well as the future IAEA safety guide and TecDoc on the TSO functions. This involves continuing the work performed with drafting technical safety assessment guides and to make them available to anyone in charge of nuclear safety assessments through this website. As such initiatives bear in themselves greater convergence of technical nuclear safety practices in Europe, and beyond. It implies also strengthening the link between ETSON and the IAEA TSO Forum through an ever more pivotal input to initiatives such as the International Expert Meetings, the Response and Assistance Network or the missions conducted as part of the Integrated Regulatory Review Service. On an EU level, it means supporting the Commission and ETSON being supported by the Commission in making the implementation of the aforementioned directives a success and a source of inspiration for other parts of the world. The 2015 EUROSAFE Forum held in Brussels – titled Implementing the 2014 European directive: nuclear safety and security challenges ahead – was a stepping stone towards further initiatives in this direction.
Therefore, the EUROSAFE Forum 2016 on 7th and 8th November in Munich will provide with its new "TSO Café" another opportunity for networking of ETSON to share these experiences, and to exchange technical and scientific opinions with the representatives of organisations specialised in nuclear and radiological safety techniques, research institutes, power utilities, industry, public authorities and non-governmental organisations.
Another good opportunity of cooperation between the young experts is the ETSON award.

I am fully aware of the challenges to be met to achieve our goals and of the obstacles on our way, but I am confident in our capability to overcome difficulties, as I know I can count on the support of my ETSON colleagues just as they know they can rely on me.

Benoît De Boeck