26 Apr 2021

RAMESIS - support of Citizen Monitoring Network in the Czech Republic

Support of Citizen Monitoring in Czechia has been performed for almost ten years based on the results of RAMESIS research project  “Radiation Monitoring network for institutions and schools to ensure early awareness and enhance safety of citizens”. The project aims to increase the public/stakeholders knowledge and understanding of the matters concerning radioactivity and radiation preparedness through introducing a radiation monitoring system operated by institutions, schools and citizen on voluntary basis. In addition to some 150 devices for both mobile and stationary monitoring already distributed up to 1000 new devices will be distribute in the next years.

Example of  field workshop © Petr Merunka and David Kořínek 2018 and Laborky.cz
Example of  field workshop © Petr Merunka and David Kořínek 2018 and Laborky.cz

Involvement of stakeholders and general public plays one of the key roles in the process of effective problem solving in emergency preparedness, response and remediation of affected territories. To accomplish these tasks, it is necessary to gain the participants´ confidence in the information on radiation situation provided by the authorities – and the concept of Citizen Monitoring Networks can help a lot!
The support provided through the RAMESIS platform for Citizen Monitoring covers

- establishing nation-wide Citizen Monitoring Network
- development of equipment for fixed station based monitoring
- selection of suitable equipment for mobile monitoring
- design and development of the web-based Central Application for data storage, processing and presentation of measured data
- RAMESIS-wiki web portal for providing information and user support.

The web portal provides information on concept of the RAMESIS platform including the equipment for both types of monitoring - mobile and fixed stations

RAMESIS devices © Jan Helebrant and Petr Kuča, CC BY-SA
RAMESIS devices © Jan Helebrant and Petr Kuča, CC BY-SA

with the supporting tools for local data processing by users, also the access to the Central Application for presentation of results obtained by participants, as well as the access to the wiki-portal are provided for both participating stakeholders (schools, institutions etc.) and for the public on a free-of-charge basis.

The RAMESIS application www.suro.cz/aplikace/ramesis/ provides an overview of Citizen Monitoring results on map-view (GIS platform) enabling presentation of the monitoring results from their general overview up to particular measured values either for both types of monitoring together or separately.

RAMESIS map overview © SÚRO
RAMESIS map overview © SÚRO

The RAMESIS info-portal www.suro.cz/aplikace/ramesis-wiki/ provides the general information on radiation, radiation protection, emergency preparedness and response, etc., guidance how to perform measurements and how to operate the devices and much more.

In addition the info-portal provides the access to set of tools for local data processing and presentation on user´s PC/NB based on QGIS mapping application (based on Open Source platform), including the guides and manuals how to install and operate them.

Note: both the RAMESIS application and the RAMESIS info-portal are currently available in Czech only.

The RAMESIS platform activities cover also communication with stakeholders and the public, including organizing workshops, seminars, lections and interviews based on open discussions following the idea “each question must be answered in appropriate form and level so that the questioner can understand the message”.

Engaging public in monitoring performed on voluntary basis
- can help in obtaining, keeping or even raising trust of the public in recommendations on implementing protective measures given by authorities in order to cope effectively the emergency
- can help in data collection in case of radiation accident
- can help in proper understanding the radiation situation by the public, giving chance for wide adoption of necessary radiation protection measures by  the public and the stakeholders
- can help to cope fames and avoid panic reactions

But! - the public must get appropriate information and education in advance!
Using results of citizen monitoring in case of radiation emergency response, RAMESIS can help in effective management of professional monitoring team capacities.



Petr Kuča