Welcome by the President and News – Thrilling ETSON

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you on the homepage of the European Technical Safety Organisations Network (ETSON),which was founded in 2006 by GRS, IRSN and Bel V.

Now, ETSON has expanded to currently 16 members of Technical Safety and Support Organisations (TSOs), mainly from the European Union, supporting their national Regulatory Body. Since our environment has changed during the last years, it was time to reflect our achievements and to update our strategy.

Our aim is to be THE sustainable and leading European expert association in the field of nuclear safety and security assessment and research. ETSON is working with the respective national Regulatory Bodies, the EC and IAEA and cooperates with other international organisations and associations. It contributes to enhancing and harmonizing safety assessment practices and regulations in Europe through technical expertise, safety assessment and research.

Under the slogan “Thrilling ETSON”, we intend to carry on our activities with an emphasis on the following priorities:

  • Getting acceptance from all our national Regulatory bodies for the ETSON activities
  • Enhancing our cooperation with WENRA/ENSREG and promoting common Working/Expert Groups
  • Promoting our work inside EC with JRC and establishing common activities/projects
  • Strengthening our technical activities by
    • Promoting and issuing technical documents  
    • Performing Seminars/Workshops on current topics inside ETSON and in cooperation with IAEA/EC
  • Enhancing the promotion and communication inside and outside ETSON and implementation of its technical results

Developing the next generation’s expertise being internationally recognized by strengthening the networking of our young experts and researchers via the ETSON Junior Staff Program JSP.


With this brief welcome I hope that I could catch your interest in our activities and we look forward to welcoming you as a follower of our EUROSAFE NEWSLETTER or even supporter of our mission!

Uwe Stoll