Waste Management

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The management of radioactive waste: a safety issue

Most of the European countries which use nuclear power launched studies or consolidated programmes to study the technical feasibility and the safety of geological disposal.
ETSON members, as well as safety authorities, are involved in the SITEX project, which is part of the Seventh Framework Programme launched by the European Community. SITEX aims at paving the way for establishing a sustainable network of expertise and research in the field of nuclear waste management.

  • Allowing mutual understanding between regulatory bodies, TSOs and Waste management organisations: By discussions of the role of expertise function and needs for improving it and also by exchanges with IGD-TP (Implementation Geological Disposal of radioactive waste Technology platform)
  • Approach of sharing expertise with various stakeholders: envisaged to take place in a more integrated manner than only communication or dissemination
  • Ensuring competence-building of experts in charge of technical review and transfer of knowledge on waste safety and radiation protection: The need to develop guidance for harmonising the technical review activities and for dedicated training and tutoring to spread the expertise culture and practices will be addressed
  • Define TSO R&D programmes that will ensure the development of independent capabilities for reviewing the Safety Cases with the aim to assess the scientific arguments provided by the waste management organisations. This action will be defined with or in complement to the research programmes of the waste management organisations.