Safety Research

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Maintaining and developing the skills necessary for TSO expert assessments

ETSON members define research programmes aimed at maintaining and developing the skills necessary for TSO expert assessments in the network's areas of specialisation, with a view to developing technical tools for evaluation of safety cases, both within and outside Europe, through improved knowledge.
ETSON members share the view that the enhancement of safety through science-based safety expertise still requires much theoretical and experimental research to be carried out, notably to take into account extreme or combined external and internal hazards. A lot of progress can still be made in better preventing severe accidents and mitigating their consequences. This is why the ETSON members have drafted a position paper, the so-called “Position Paper of the Technical Safety Organisations: Research needs in nuclear safety for GEN 2 and GEN 3 NPPS”. This position paper presents their views on the safety issues associated with the different generations of nuclear plants and the definition of relevant priorities for future research programmes.

The research topics listed in this paper are in compliance with national and EU research programmes, each TSO contributing its experience feedback in the field of nuclear safety expertise and presenting priority subjects to be embedded in the SNETP (Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technical Platform) and NUGENIA strategic research agendas in nuclear safety.