ETSON members fulfil a list of specific requirements
ETSON members are Technical Safety Organisations (TSO). According to ETSON definition:

  • A TSO is a public or a private non profit organisation.
  • A TSO performs safety assessments with a global regulatory vision, on a regular basis and with a broad scope.
  • A TSO delivers services supporting its national nuclear regulatory authorities in the field of nuclear safety, and/or waste management and/or radiation protection.
  • A TSO develops and maintains a high level of competence in its field of safety assessment (knowledge, expertise, long standing experience, global overview, ethics, references).
  • A TSO has a value charter and makes sure it is implemented at all levels in the organisation. The charter promotes values such as: honesty, impartiality, proactivity and initiative, consistency in the safety approach, respect for all stakeholders.
  • A TSO is an independent organisation. This means that it is able to form and express its technical judgment independently from external interest.
  • A TSO maintains an adequate training and knowledge management programme for its staff.
  • A TSO maintains R&D programmes allowing the development of new knowledge and techniques in support of its missions, and an independence of judgement from licensees.
  • Code of ethics: if a TSO delivers services to a domestic or foreign licensee or vendor, it does so in full transparency with respect to the licensee's nuclear safety authority, and is able to demonstrate that conflicts of interest are avoided.

With respect to these requirements, each Member of ETSON has to obey rules imposed by national law and/or by the domestic regulatory authorities and may adopt complementary rules on a voluntary basis.