Expert Groups

The 14 topical ETSON Expert Groups were installed to foster coorperation

In order to intensify the technical and scientific dialogue between the ETSON partner organizations and to organize joint projects ETSON installed 14 topical expert groups in the main fields of competence. The groups should in particular exchange information on analyses and R&D the different safety practices and make to harmonise them as far as practicable. Also draft a technical annex for the networks’ Safety Assessment Guide and contribute to the definition of nuclear safety research programmes in defining future research needs.

EG1: OEF, including Incident and Precursor Analysis (IRSN)

EG2: Mechanical Systems (GRS)

EG3: Electrical Systems

EG4: Severe Accidents (IRSN)

EG5: Environmental safety related qualification of components (Bel V)

EG6: Safety Fluid Systems, including auxiliary systems (IRSN)

EG7: Human and Organizational Factors (IRSN)

EG8: Probabilistic Safety Assessment PSA (GRS)

EG9: Lifetime-Management (Ageing Management) (BEL V)

EG10: Thermal Hydraulic Analyses (Transients, Accidents) (GRS)

EG11: Safety concepts, Defence-in-Depth (CV REZ)

EG12: Core behaviour (operational and accident conditions) (CV REZ)

EG13: Emergency Preparedness and Response Group (GRS)

EG14: Waste and Decommissioning (IRSN)